Terms and Conditions for Providers

By registering as a Provider and submitting an offer of accommodation, the Provider agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You have read and accept the Disclaimer.
  2. UON does not match students to accommodation offered within the Database, nor does it guarantee that advertisers will find tenants as a result of using the Database.
  3. You must make your own assessment of a student's character, financial means and suitability as a tenant. UON in no way guarantees the suitability of tenants found through the Database and will accept no responsibility for the behaviour of any such tenants.
  4. It is your responsibility to provide accurate and current information in your listing, manage and update your listing and close it when you have found tenants.
  5. You must ensure that students seeking/in accommodation are dealt with in accordance with relevant provisions under the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 (NSW) and other applicable laws.
  6. You must use a standard form NSW Residential Tenancy Agreement for residential tenancies.
  7. You grant UON a non-exclusive royalty free licence to use, reproduce or modify any images or other material provided by you for the purposes of publishing the listing on the Website.
  8. Your new listing or edits to an existing listing will not become active unless you make the required acknowledgment by ticking the check box which appears on the Database.
  9. Without limiting any other rights UON may have, UON reserves the right to do the following in its absolute discretion at any time (without liability to you, without prior notice to you and without any obligation to disclose reasons)
    (a) Accept or reject any advertisements;
    (b) Request to inspect a property prior to listing;
    (c) Edit the information included in a listing if it is considered inappropriate, discriminatory or offensive;
    (d) Decline or remove your offer of accommodation from the Database;
    (e) Refuse to list any property considered unsuitable for students;
    (f) Refuse entry of or continuation of a listing on the Website in UON’s absolute discretion; and
    (g) Take any action considered necessary in UON’s absolute discretion in relation to a listing which is the subject of a complaint and/or which may contravene the law or these terms and conditions.
  10. It is your responsibility to do the following:
    (a) Include up to date quality internal and external photos of the property and
    (b) Ensure the property/room is in a clean and habitable state;
    (c) Provide rent receipts and keep records of rental payments;
    (d) Not attend the property without notice;
    (e) Make good any repairs within a reasonable time;
    (f) Ensure smoke alarms are installed in the property; and
    (g) Promptly return bond money if no damage has been done to the property.
  11. Ensure a video walk through of the property is provided prior to submitting or extending the listing for approval by uploading directly or emailing footage to: offcampusaccommodation@newcastle.edu.au 
  12. If the property is a registerable boarding house within the meaning of the Boarding Houses Act 2012 (NSW), you are responsible to ensure the property is registered on the Boarding House Register on the NSW Fair Trading website, complies with all requirements under the Boarding Houses Act 2012 (NSW) and complies with any other applicable laws. These include:
    (a) Providing a written occupancy agreement in proper form;
    (b) Ensuring the property is reasonably clean, in a reasonable state of repair and reasonably secure;
    (c) Informing occupants of the house rules;
    (d) Allowing occupants to have quiet enjoyment of the property;
    (e) Providing receipts for any payments you receive; and
    (f) Advising occupants of what utilities they are required to pay and how charges will be calculated.