Scam Warnings


Please be aware of phishing, using done via email. Phishing scams are attempts by scammers to trick you into giving out personal information such as your bank account numbers, passwords and credit card numbers.


Do not accept a cheque from anyone overseas wanting to secure a room for their daughter claiming to have a US financier who will transfer money via Western Union. There is a scam that has already effected some providers. If in doubt contact the Off-Campus Accommodation Officer.

DO NOT communicate with anyone named: 

  • "Comfort Jackson"
  • "Rosa Chan"
  • "Angela Phillipe" 
  • "Jose Aquino"
  • "Dorcas Ying Aquino" 
  • "Mr Joseph Paolo"
  • "Sheila Paolo"
  • "Paul Castillo" 
  • "Janet Castillo"

Students are heavily advised to inspect the accommodation in person before paying any rent or a deposit, for this reason no accommodation provider should accept money, cheques or wire transfers from overseas. The student should be in Australia and able to look at the accommodation before any money is exchanged. If you think you have been approached by a scam please cease all contact and detail the incident by sending an email to

DO NOT accept money, cheques or wire transfers from overseas under any circumstances.

Further information on Classified Scams can be viewed here.


Providers of accommodation should be extremely cautious about :

  • accepting money from overseas for accommodation paid in advance.
  • sending money to an unknown source.
  • giving online account details to anyone you do not know or trust.


  • Do not trust emails that say pay money and I will have the keys delivered to you.
  • Do not sign any contracts for accommodation without personally inspecting the property.
  • Do not pay deposits or send money before personally inspecting the property.
  • Do not ask friends to secure accommodation before you arrive.
  • Do not pay money through a funds transfer to someone you don't know.

For further information about scams refer to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission Scamwatch webpage.